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Christine Park – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Christine is an Entrepreneurial Business Facilitator who works with organizations

as well as individuals to bring their passion to life.

Christine has over 30 years experience working in Corporate America in key

positions driving culture change and growth. Her experience has provided her with

an amazing toolbox to share. Her coaching practice integrates basic business practices

with individual development opportunities to jumpstart new ventures or revitalize

programs looking for growth. In other words she works with organizations and/or

individuals to be the very best they can be in all aspects of life. She looks at your

goals for life and business to develop and implement the life strategy that fits you. It’s

all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find the balance and achieve your

goals. Understanding the aspects of your inner self that create challenges or success

is the key to happiness. Whether at work or play, personal or business relationships,

large or small company environment it all comes down to understanding you and

recognizing that you are in control or your own destiny.

Christine gets most of her messages from intuition through song, listening to the

words and the synchronicity points her to the right path.

Contact info for Christine:


[email protected]