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Michele Domingo – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

When Michele was 31 years old she was presented with a challenging opportunity in

the form of a 10 year old child. She and her husband adopted this young, beautiful

girl and, of course, all of her prior programming from her biological parents.

Michele quickly realized that she had better take action and arm herself with more

knowledge, compassion and understanding if she were to help raise and guide this

life before her. Little did she know at the time, this 10 year old girl, was to be her

greatest teacher. From this experience, resulted great self-awareness including self-
acceptance, the art of allowing, the importance of letting go and the confidence and

skills to help others see and FEEL these qualities within themselves.

In the years that followed Michele studied and trained with some of the best

Teachers, Healers and Mentors in the fields of Energy Medicine, Healing Techniques,

Mediumship, Astrology and Intuitive-Based Studies. Having the great fortune to

learn The LifeLine Technique® with Dr. Darren Weissman, Reconnective Healing

and The Reconnection® with Dr. Eric Pearl, Usui Reiki with Amy Mak, assisted

and trained with Medium James Van Praagh, and assisted and trained with Debra

Silverman/Astrology in Boulder, CO. At the age of 44, Michele credits her long time

Mentor – Colette Baron-Reid, with teaching her not only Intuitive-based skills over

the years but also one of the BEST tools she has learned to date, The IN-Vizion®

process. This tool is not only cutting edge, it is far reaching into the vastness of

the subconscious and all of the intricate, entangled, webbing that make up our

individual life experiences. Realizing the value of this tool, Michele immediately

decided this was the perfect tool to use in a Coaching practice and has since gone on

to be a Certified Master Intuitive Coach® and Trainer.

With her gentle yet direct down-to-earth style, Michele puts her clients at ease,

creating a safe and secure environment to make life changes, face challenges and

empower her clients to do and be whatever their heart desires.

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