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Brenda Hookings – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Brenda is humbled on her journey to coach people in many life experiences including Wealth Energetix, Weight

Release, Divinations and Heart Energetix®.

The core of all her work is based on finding love- love for others

and love for yourself, viewing life through the field of possibilities. Her enjoyment of coaching all programs

shows in how she loves to help others find their right paths. Coaching people to experience life to its fullest and

even those ready to transition from our beautiful blue marble is dear to her heart. Specializing in using the Law

of Attraction in all coaching experiences to deepen the journey for the client is key to her success.

She is quoted as saying “ my passion is my spiritual adventure and not knowing what is coming next. Exploring

the unlimited field of possibilities brings me great joy and lots of fun. I love waking up to see what the universe

is manifesting for the day. I am often found kayaking or dancing and love funny movies, laughing is my soul’s


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[email protected]