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Kathy Ramsperger – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Kathy Ramsperger began her career as a journalist and then worked globally in the non-profit humanitarian movement for two decades. Her intuition helped her in both careers, and she has now brought that gift to intuitive coaching. Kathy specializes in work/life balance, spiritual and holistic healing, soul journeying, and healing through creativity (words, art, and music). She is certified in Reiki energy healing. She brings the best of both worlds—the Earthly and Celestial—to her practice. She has experienced daily the intricacies of management and leadership, branding and marketing, as well as mediumship and energy work. She is foremost an intuitive empath. Since the age of two, she’s had a heightened sensitivity for the spiritual realm and compassion for the physical or emotional pain of people and animals. She can help shift the energy of dis-stress or dis-ease. She believes getting in touch—with loved ones (here and crossed over), colleagues, and most importantly, Self—are key to happiness and healing.

Kathy believes the challenges in life show up so that we can help others. While Kathy has the ability to do Tarot and Oracle card readings, energy readings, as well as channeling and automatic writing, she believes that the best way to help her clients is to empower them to help themselves. Her passion is to journey with you to find the next best step so you can continue on, self-empowered, toward happiness and fulfillment. She is a Master Intuitive Coach and Trainer, certified by Colette Baron-Reid. She is also an author and musician, with a master’s degree in publications management and another in international communication.

You can reach her at www.groundonecoaching.com, or via email:  [email protected].