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Rhonda Read – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Rhonda Read has about 35 years of corporate experience from entry level to corporate VP in fields such as finance, legal, admin and Human Resources. This experience often included practical coaching, and she has both attended and conducted workshops in such areas as creative business strategy, business writing, finance for non-financial people, handling negativity in the workplace, multiple projects management, etc. While the larger percentage of her clients are people in the working world who are looking for the right job or finding more fulfillment in a current one as well as those who are trying to balance work and relationships with either a spouse/partner or children, her coaching practice covers many issues, and has included all of the MICI® modules of intuition skills, wealth, heart/relationships and weight/health/emotional overload.

Additionally, Rhonda has a background that includes growing up in a large family, teaching music, drama and creative dance, as well as directing, music directing and choreography for theatre productions, and tutoring in both math and language skills. And while it may seem contradictory to a business background, she has also taken classes and self-studied in fields such as spirituality, healing arts and philosophy. This knowledge has been a great source for blending the practical and intuitive in working with clients.

Even more seemingly contradictory, Rhonda has been a psychic since childhood and works as a psychic-medium both separately and in conjunction with coaching.

Last but not least, Rhonda loves singing, including karaoke, and says she can often break into song without warning! It is her passion that through coaching, she will help you find your life-song!

Rhonda Read, Master Intuitive Coach®/Master Trainer
Psychic-Medium, Life Coach
Cell (774) 225-8635
[email protected]