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Jeanne Schraf – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI 
Equine Empowerment Specialist

Are you stuck? Are you wanting to make a change but overwhelmed by how? Are you weighed

down by stress or anxiety? Do you feel called to a deeper purpose but aren’t sure how to find


Jeanne believes that life is magical, full of unlimited potential and loves helping her clients find

their own personal connection to the Greater Mystery. An enthusiastic empath, she lives from

the perspective that life is art in action, a beautiful tapestry of experience and opportunity,

fueled by the creative fire of love and curiosity. If you dream of creating an inspired life that

thrives and expands the more you become yourself, then she is your coach!

Jeanne offers two types of coaching: Intuitive Coaching® powered by IN-Vizion®, where she

connects with clients around the world via Skype, and Enchanted Equine Experiences that

she guides in person and locally with her gifted horses. Begone with the stress, overwhelm,

and fear that holds you back; awaken your own intuition and explore your passions. A

compassionate listener and guide, Jeanne will help you cut through overwhelming emotional

clutter, so you can see the real you and become the person you know you are meant to be!

[email protected]