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Mimi Searfoss – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI
AdvCBP, PaRama BP, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mimi Searfoss has a varied background in spiritual philosophies, energy medicine and energy psychology, art and design. In addition to being a Master Trainer and Intuitive Coach with Colette Baron Reid and MICI, Mimi is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced BodyTalk practitioner, which is a consciousness based holistic energy medicine system, Reiki Master, and Color Therapist. She coaches with a whole-istic perspective, putting attention on all aspects of a Client’s Mind, Body, and Spirit, as all are equally important and impact the whole. She loves facilitating dramatic positive change in people’s lives, whether it is to heal from disease, emotional distress or make needed change in perspective and belief systems. She works with adults and children to help them create the more positive and empowered lives they desire.

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