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Dana Zimmerman – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI
Energy Healing Facilitator, Integrative Nutritionist

Intuitive Mastery coupled with science-based and alternative practices have raised the bar to new

heights in Dana Zimmerman’s 22+ year role as Wellness Consultant.

Combining extensive training as

an Energy Healing Facilitator, Integrative Nutritionist, and Master Intuitive Coach® /Master Trainer

with Colette Baron-Reid’s Master Intuitive Coach® Institute has culminated in the realization of Dana’s

passion and life purpose: to be of service.

Co-helming Weight Release Energetix® Lite as part of

MICI’s Learning and Development Team has been an exciting way to further that purpose. Dana is

extremely empathic, and has experienced to her own great benefit how the IN-Vizion® Process-based

Weight Release Energetix® programs can facilitate weight stabilization through the management of

the empathic and emotional overwhelm experienced by people who have a highly sensitive nature.

Dana graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Animal Bioscience and Nutrition and lives in

Harrisburg, PA with her husband and five feline “kids.” Excited and motivated to stay current with the

latest information; Dana is continually reading, researching, and adding to her knowledge base. Dana

enjoys spending time looking at art and enjoying nature. She loves listening to music, going to see live

music, and is fond of all things pop culture, in particular fantasy/sci-fi and humor (with just a soupçon

of weird). Dana is enthusiastic and appreciative of the opportunity to be present on the planet at this

time- “it’s like having the Golden Ticket!”

Contact Dana:

[email protected]


(717) 805-4019