Master Trainers

Meet your master trainers:


Michele Domingo – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

When Michele was 31 years old she was presented with a challenging opportunity in

the form of a 10 year old child. She and her husband adopted this young, beautiful

girl and, of course, all of her prior programming from her biological parents.

Michele quickly realized that she had better take action and arm herself with more

knowledge, compassion and understanding if she were to help raise and guide this

life before her. Little did she know at the time, this 10 year old girl, was to be her

greatest teacher. From this experience, resulted great self-awareness including self-
acceptance, the art of allowing, the importance of letting go and the confidence and

skills to help others see and FEEL these qualities within themselves.

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Sara Dougherty MS – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI
Student Liaison for IN-Vizion® and MICI

She is the founder of Passion 4 Possibility Intuitive Coaching and has

been compassionately and successfully accompanying and guiding others to their best self-
expression for over 20 years. She finds the deepest and most lasting change comes through

consistent conversation and intuitive coaching about what really matters to you. She holds

Master’s Degrees in both Pastoral Counseling and Exercise Physiology and has studied

Theology at the graduate level. Her true passion is for integrating intellect, intuition, body and

spirit into its’ highest form of joy, wisdom and self-expression. Whether you are struggling with

health, work, relationship or spiritual stagnation, Sara will lovingly and wisely help you find your

way to your personal breakthrough and continue on to your desired outcome.

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Brenda Hookings – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Brenda is humbled on her journey to coach people in many life experiences including Wealth Energetix, Weight

Release, Divinations and Heart Energetix®.

The core of all her work is based on finding love- love for others

and love for yourself, viewing life through the field of possibilities. Her enjoyment of coaching all programs

shows in how she loves to help others find their right paths. Coaching people to experience life to its fullest and

even those ready to transition from our beautiful blue marble is dear to her heart. Specializing in using the Law

of Attraction in all coaching experiences to deepen the journey for the client is key to her success.

She is quoted as saying “ my passion is my spiritual adventure and not knowing what is coming next. Exploring

the unlimited field of possibilities brings me great joy and lots of fun. I love waking up to see what the universe

is manifesting for the day. I am often found kayaking or dancing and love funny movies, laughing is my soul’s


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Sharon Lair – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Are you ready for a life changing experience? Sharon’s passion for coaching

can inspire and empower you to follow & explore – or perhaps discover – your

passions. She specializes in creating opportunities for people to consider new ideas

and develop new or untapped passions. Sharon’s coaching expertise includes

business, relationships, goal setting as well as weight loss. Through Astrology and

Numerology as well as MICI® Intuitive life coaching, Sharon is particularly skilled in

providing focus on life path and illuminating potential challengers. Sharon believes

“it’s always humbling yet deeply rewarding to facilitate a breakthrough when a

client’s life is forever changed”.

Sharon facilitates WOW moments as she gently

guides you to tap into your wisdom to define & explore your depths.

Sharon Lair, MICI®Master Certified Intuitive Coach®/Master Trainer


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Christine Park – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Christine is an Entrepreneurial Business Facilitator who works with organizations

as well as individuals to bring their passion to life.

Christine has over 30 years experience working in Corporate America in key

positions driving culture change and growth. Her experience has provided her with

an amazing toolbox to share. Her coaching practice integrates basic business practices

with individual development opportunities to jumpstart new ventures or revitalize

programs looking for growth. In other words she works with organizations and/or

individuals to be the very best they can be in all aspects of life. She looks at your

goals for life and business to develop and implement the life strategy that fits you. It’s

all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together to find the balance and achieve your

goals. Understanding the aspects of your inner self that create challenges or success

is the key to happiness. Whether at work or play, personal or business relationships,

large or small company environment it all comes down to understanding you and

recognizing that you are in control or your own destiny.

Christine gets most of her messages from intuition through song, listening to the

words and the synchronicity points her to the right path.

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Kathy Ramsperger – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Kathy Ramsperger began her career as a journalist and then worked globally in the non-profit humanitarian movement for two decades. Her intuition helped her in both careers, and she has now brought that gift to intuitive coaching. Kathy specializes in work/life balance, spiritual and holistic healing, soul journeying, and healing through creativity (words, art, and music). She is certified in Reiki energy healing. She brings the best of both worlds—the Earthly and Celestial—to her practice. She has experienced daily the intricacies of management and leadership, branding and marketing, as well as mediumship and energy work. She is foremost an intuitive empath. Since the age of two, she’s had a heightened sensitivity for the spiritual realm and compassion for the physical or emotional pain of people and animals. She can help shift the energy of dis-stress or dis-ease. She believes getting in touch—with loved ones (here and crossed over), colleagues, and most importantly, Self—are key to happiness and healing.

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Rhonda Read – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI

Rhonda Read has about 35 years of corporate experience from entry level to corporate VP in fields such as finance, legal, admin and Human Resources. This experience often included practical coaching, and she has both attended and conducted workshops in such areas as creative business strategy, business writing, finance for non-financial people, handling negativity in the workplace, multiple projects management, etc. While the larger percentage of her clients are people in the working world who are looking for the right job or finding more fulfillment in a current one as well as those who are trying to balance work and relationships with either a spouse/partner or children, her coaching practice covers many issues, and has included all of the MICI® modules of intuition skills, wealth, heart/relationships and weight/health/emotional overload.

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Elaine Read-Cole – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI
EPIC Master Coach™ (Energy Psychology Intuitive Consultant)
Psychic Medium, Adv. Angel Thetrapist®, Shaman,
Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer

When you plant a seed you want it to succeed! As a Master Trainer Coach for the Master Intuitive Coach Institute® that’s exactly what Elaine can help you do…succeed! The possibilities of your seeds are only limited by your imaginings. As a coach Elaine specializes in dealing with the tough areas of life like, relationships (professional or personal), wellness or the lack there of (especially transitioning to the other side), and just bringing someone down off the ledge. She can also help someone to dream, and dream big, reach for the stars. This applies to all areas of life, home, work, and community.

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Jeanne Schraf – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI 
Equine Empowerment Specialist

Are you stuck? Are you wanting to make a change but overwhelmed by how? Are you weighed

down by stress or anxiety? Do you feel called to a deeper purpose but aren’t sure how to find


Jeanne believes that life is magical, full of unlimited potential and loves helping her clients find

their own personal connection to the Greater Mystery. An enthusiastic empath, she lives from

the perspective that life is art in action, a beautiful tapestry of experience and opportunity,

fueled by the creative fire of love and curiosity. If you dream of creating an inspired life that

thrives and expands the more you become yourself, then she is your coach!

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Mimi Searfoss – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI
AdvCBP, PaRama BP, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mimi Searfoss has a varied background in spiritual philosophies, energy medicine and energy psychology, art and design. In addition to being a Master Trainer and Intuitive Coach with Colette Baron Reid and MICI, Mimi is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced BodyTalk practitioner, which is a consciousness based holistic energy medicine system, Reiki Master, and Color Therapist. She coaches with a whole-istic perspective, putting attention on all aspects of a Client’s Mind, Body, and Spirit, as all are equally important and impact the whole. She loves facilitating dramatic positive change in people’s lives, whether it is to heal from disease, emotional distress or make needed change in perspective and belief systems. She works with adults and children to help them create the more positive and empowered lives they desire.

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Dana Zimmerman – Master Trainer and certified Master Intuitive Coach® with MICI
Energy Healing Facilitator, Integrative Nutritionist

Intuitive Mastery coupled with science-based and alternative practices have raised the bar to new

heights in Dana Zimmerman’s 22+ year role as Wellness Consultant.

Combining extensive training as

an Energy Healing Facilitator, Integrative Nutritionist, and Master Intuitive Coach® /Master Trainer

with Colette Baron-Reid’s Master Intuitive Coach® Institute has culminated in the realization of Dana’s

passion and life purpose: to be of service.

Co-helming Weight Release Energetix® Lite as part of

MICI’s Learning and Development Team has been an exciting way to further that purpose. Dana is

extremely empathic, and has experienced to her own great benefit how the IN-Vizion® Process-based

Weight Release Energetix® programs can facilitate weight stabilization through the management of

the empathic and emotional overwhelm experienced by people who have a highly sensitive nature.

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